Parisa Agro Industry, a Private Joint Stock Company is established for cultivation , processing , packaging ,and exporting of herbs and dried fruits. The founders of the company are VAFAEI family who have been in this field for a long time.

Saffron Packaging Presentation for Households

Saffron Pistll Ask. 1g
Saffron Gift Box 5g
Saffron Tea 20 Tea bags
Saffron Extract pulp 500g
Saffron Gift Box 1g
Saffron Metal Can 5g
Saffron Extract Solution 100 Ml
Saffron Extract pulp 1000g
Saffron Gift Box 2g
Saffron Metal Can 10g
Saffron Extract pulp. 100g

Saffron Packaging Presentation for Retailers

Saffron Powder Envelopes 0.5g
Saffron Pistil Plastic Bottle 40 x 10g
Saffron Pistil Ash 220 x 1g
Saffron Extract Pulp 21 X 100g
Saffron Pistil Plastic Bottle 80 x 1g
Saffron Extract Pulp 5 X 1000g

Saffron Packaging Presentation for Bakeries & Food Services

Saffron Pistil Metal Can 25g
Saffron Pistil Plastic Carton 2000g
Saffron Plastic Container 100g
Saffron Pistil Plastic Carton 1000g
Saffron Assorted Packaging
Eau De Safran Spray
Miel Au Safran
Saffron Pistil Plastic Packs
Saffron Spray
Saffron Honey
Agave Syrup
Saffron Powder Capsules

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