Although saffron used to be consumed due to its both beautiful color, and its taste in the past; but it has been used as natural additive in food industry as substitute to chemicals.

Following are some examples of different types of food in which saffron is used:
Saffron was known as a herb with numerous health results during the ancient time. Scientific research has proven great effects of saffron on diseases; hence pharmaceutical companies are attracted to use saffron as a substitute to chemical additives.

Some of the effects are as follow:

  1. It helps better and natural digestion of food.
  2. Resistant to some types of cancer.
  3. Giving sense of exhilaration and anti depression booster of intelligence.
  4. Anti blood pressure, cholesterol, lack of blood due to lack of sufficient iron in girls, heart diseases.
  5. 5. Effective in flue and inhalation irregularities.
  6. 6. Anti rheumatism and diarhea.

Saffron crocus mouths of the uterus are used as spices and since one blossom only has a pair of them, then it is clear why they are so expensive. They are also picked by hand and in order to get 100g spices you need 5 to 8 thousand crocus blossoms.

It is used in bakery products. Add 1 gram of saffron to 1.5 kg of dough. It is perfect to add it to a raisin or chocolate button filled pastries.

Saffron is very touchy as it does not really blend with other spices.

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